Videos Police violence in the UvA occupation on January 16, 2023
police bashing shields at people
police beating people and destroying tents
police running vans into people
police destroying tents and beating people
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police holding people on the ground with their knees
police beats person who is filming from a distance
Police violence: Pictures and videos
Occupation UvA - Jan 16, 2023
broken hand of a student who was passively supporting the occupation
"I'm a medical student at the University of Amsterdam, who cares greatly about the future of all the people on this planet. I was a supporter and bystander at the occupation of the university on Jan 16 2023, when the police, who were sent by the CvB, used so much violence that they broke my hand, among injuries that they inflicted on other people. Today, in May 2023, I can still feel the deformity of the bone they broke 4 months ago. This is how the UvA treats their students who care about the future of humanity and the university."

(anonymous student present during January 16 eviction)
police on campus (January 16, 2023) = broken bones and crutches
Videos Police violence in the TU/Eindhoven occupation, May 2023
chair of executive board, Robert-Jan Smits, drags a student with his own hands
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Police violence: pictures and videos
May 16, 2023 at REC, UvA
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