Shell is responsible for:

Being among the top 10 climate polluters in the world.

Lying (knowingly) about climate change and fighting against climate policy for over 30 years.

Only investing less than 5% of their money in renewable energy, the rest in fossil fuel projects. Between 2010 and 2018, Shell only dedicated 1% of its long-term investments to sources of low carbon energy like wind and solar.

Having 750 NEW fossil fuel projects in sight, despite the undeniable scientific evidence that we CANNOT have A SINGLE ONE to avoid horrible scenarios of climate breakdown.

Invading and doing fracking on ancestral Mapuche land (“Argentina”) – Polluting their waters, making their land barren, creating innumerable cases of respiratory disease, and violating Mapuche rights.

Polluting Ogoniland (in Nigeria) for decades and being implicated in the Nigerian dictatorship, leading to the death of the Ogoni 9 activists and serious cases of human right abuses.
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